Naresh Babu (Madurai, India)


Intrascleral sutureless technique combined with 20 and 23 Gauge vitrectomy for managing RD and to reinstall a dislocated posterior chamber IOL with the CTR complex in a single sitting, can lead to early rehabilitation. No special haptic architecture or preparation was required.


Surgical treatment of a dislocated IOL-Capsular Tension Ring complex and RD includes removal of the PCIOL and CTR with repair of RD with Vitrectomy :IOL implantation is done as a separate procedure later. In this video we show new a technique in which sutureless intrascleral fixation of the same dislocated 3-piece posterior chamber IOL and removal of CTR with the repair of RD by Vitrectomy in a single sitting. This procedure was performed 30 months after initial surgery in an eye with dislocated PCIOL and CTR with Total Rhegmatogenous RD and choroidal detachment. The same lens was fixed intrasclerally by sutureless technique after separating it from the CB-CTR complex through a pars plana approach and, the CTR was removed by cutting in to two pieces thru pars plana and RD was settled with buckle vitrectomy with Silicone oil tamponading.

Effectiveness / Safety:

This uncomplicated surgery resulted in good postoperative results with rapid visual rehabilitation. Second surgery for IOL implantation can be avoided. No special IOL design required.

Take home message:

Retinal detachment with choroidal detachment with dislocated IOL CTR can be managed in a single sitting resulting in early rehabilitation, multiple surgeries can be avoided.