Retinal Vein Occlusion is the one of the most important causes for vision loss due to retinal conditions. Most of the time it is due to some associated systemic factors. Vascultis should be suspected in younger age groups with vein occlusions especially where no contributory systemic factors are present. Vasculitis as a disease presents with varied types of manifestations. Retinal vasculitis usually occurs in young patients with the resultant vessel sheathing and haemorrhage. Later on new vessels and vitreous haemorrhage result in decrease in vision and sometimes even result in painful blind eye. •    Methods: 5 patients, with venous obstructions, presented in our hospital over last four years. Average age was 41-52years (avg= 44.8) and follow up was from 18-36 mnths (avg:=27.2mnth).In all cases detailed history, Opthalmological examinatins and fluorescene angiogram with optical coherence tomography done. In few occassions the diagnosis was mostly by methods of exclusion and presumptive based on strong clinical suspicion. The combined treatment with systemic steroids and immunosuppressant along with anti-VEGF in vein occlusion cases helped to improve the prognosis. Results: All the patients recovered 20/40 or more vision in the affected eyes. Conclusion: Strong suspicion and timely intervention in correct manner helped the visual recovery in otherwise prognostically poor vein occlusion cases due to vasculitis in younger age groups.

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