Daniel Vilaplana; Vladimir Poposki; Daniel Martin


Retinal detachment presenting in eyes intervened on previously and tamponaded with silicone oil has a bad prognosis. We present our own surgery technique that combines different procedures.


Our surgical technique consists of the following steps: phacoemulsification (if necessary); silicone oil extraction; partial filling with liquid perfluorocarbon (PFCL ); endodiathermy; retinotomy followed by retinectomy; PFCL (complete filling of the vitreous cavity); endophotocoagulation; intraocular lens implantation (if cataract surgery was indicated) and direct exchange PFCL /silicone oil.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The extraction of the silicone oil is carried out one year after the surgery. The effectiveness of the procedure is very high when the surgical steps are respected as described above.