Retinal Detachment After Macular Hole Surgery: Case Series


Retinal Detachment After Macular Hole Surgery Case Series by Malgorzata Pietras-Trzpiel, Robert Rejdak, Poland


Retinal detachment remains the most serious complication after macular hole surgery and it occurs approximately in 0,5-6,6% of cases. We tried to answer what may be the reason of retinal detachment after macular hole surgery

Material & Methods:

We performed 112 macular hole surgeries starting with 2011 to 2016. In all the cases we performed minimal vitrectomy, PVD , and ILM peeling using flap inverted technique in 72 cases with 4 stage MH. In 40 cases with 3 stage MH standard ILM peeling was done. In all the cases 20% SF6 was administered.


Among of them, 4 cases of retinal detachment (3,5%) occurred as an early complication (2 weeks after MHS). In 3 cases we diagnosed macular hole closure. In one the flap was in opposite side and the hole remains open. The retinal detachment in all 4 cases started from the inferior part of the retina. There are 2-3 holes in equatorial region in the inferior – temporal side in all cases, None of the patients suffered lattice dystrophy or other kind of degeneration supposedly responsible for causing retinal detachment.


The possible reason of retinal detachment was enlargement of PVD due to gas movement , and its traction on the vitreous base, strong attachment of the vitreous body on the vitreous base and too small vitrectomy in all of these cases.


We recommend to perform core or subtotal vitrectomy in case of macular hole.



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