For treatment and improvements in visual acuity in patients with maculopathy and macula degenerations or other Macula pathology diseases with new techniques and standard material Masoud Nano complex balloon.


After vitrectomy and submacular injection BSS (0.5 ml) separated macula with Masoud macula forceps (Fig 1A). After injected donor macula insist of macula damage will be injected through pars plana into the vitreous cavity Masoud complex balloon with special syringe and filled by gas or BSS till normal IOP (fig 2A) than injected amacrine stem cell around the macula (fig 3A). And fixed balloon on sclera (fig 4A) Upon total macula attachment to choroidea bio balloon, after 10-14 day will be remove after surgery.


Injection of bio complex balloon (v.4-6mm) with gas BSS or N- saline in vitreous cavity, conditions will be created where gas or liquid does not penetrate submacular space and holds macula on choroid A) Does not get to anterior chamber and contact with corneal Epithelial layer B) to vessels D) gas or BSS does not get through valves, and holes behind the retina. E) interferes with penetration of gas into the ciliary body and prevents closing of a space for incoming of liquid regulating IOP and prevents closing Schelmm’s canal. And avoids postoperative complication.


This method helps to provide total macula attachment to choroidea, to treat macular pathology, to avoid postoperative complications and improves visual acuity.