Giovanni Staurenghi, MD (Milan, Italy), Chiara Veronese, MD (Mississauga, Canada),* Garzia Levi, MD (Milan, Italy), Paolo Danzi, MD (Brescia, Italy), Robert Flower, MD (Baltimore, MD), Robert G. Devenyi, MD (Toronto, Canada)


To compare near-IR laser-only FVT with ICG dye-enhanced photocoagulation (DEP) using a device that enables visualization of the FV during treatment in a clinical trial.


40 subjects randomized to FVT or DEP (20/20). Treatment was performed with the same device; subjects were treated for 6 months and followed for 6 months.


83% of DEP subjects had stable or improved VA. Fewer DEP laser burns achieved closure than in FVT (3-9 vs 100-300), average DEP treatment energy was 1/3 that of FVT (7J vs 20J). No fibrosis was seen in the study with either treatment.


DEP is a more efficient, practical approach to FVT, producing no fibrosis while stabilizing or improving VA.
* Financial interest disclosed