2022 Membership

New registration form or renewal (Subscription)


The registration form that you will have to fill in has two functions:

    1. EVRS will be able to communicate with you.
      Please indicate correctly your data even if this has been made in the past.
    2. The patient will be helped to find the EVRS-accredited specialist who can solve his/her problem. Your data will be made available (with the exception of the mobile phone number) only if you so wish (by clicking on the appropriate box). The patient will be able to find you in two different ways:
      • by clicking on Google map which will show all the EVRS-accredited members around his location
      • through a research engine which will find you by using personal details. The page that will open for the patient will have your name as the main heading (which is important for Google recognition).This page will also tell the patient :
        • where you can be reached (office and surgery details)
        • what you want the patient to know about your curriculum vitae
        • your degree of participation to EVRS congress

After having completed your data, click on «Registration EVRS». An Email is then immediately sent to you (at the email address you indicated), containing a link in order to validate your data and perform a secure online payment.

Paying your quota

Membership payment is open from January 1st of every year, the earlier the registration takes place the higher your position will appear on the Country/City listing.
If dues are not paid by April 1st, the member’s name and details will be removed from the website.
Dues are calculated according to the member’s previous years’ payments.

  1. Regular member
    • First time subscription: 200 €
    • Second, Third & Fourth consecutive year subscription: 170 €
    • From the fifth year onwards subscription: 120 €
    • If you do not pay one year, the following year’s subscription is considered a first time subscription and charged 200 €
  2. Member in training
    • A certificate from your training institution must be presented
    • Trainee status cannot exceed three years
    • First time subscription: 100 €
    • Second consecutive year subscription: : 80 €
    • Third consecutive year subscription: 60 €
    • From the fourth consecutive year subscription: you become a regular member and pay 120 €