To examine the postoperative refractive error in highly myopic eyes after phacovitrectomy.


University clinic, Suwon, Kyounggi-do, South Korea.


This retrospective study includes 101 eyes (21 high myopic, 80 non-high myopic eyes) of 101 patients who underwent successful phacovitrectomy (phacoemulsification, intraocular lens implantation and pars plana vitrectomy). The highly myopic eyes were defined as eyes with an axial length of more than 25.5 mm. The post-operative prediction error of mean numeric error and mean absolute error were evaluated at 4 months post-operatively. Axial length and keratometry measurement were performed pre-operatively and 4 months post-operatively.


The refractive outcome after phacovitrectomy showed a significantly greater myopic shift in the highly myopic eyes than that in non-highly myopic eyes. Axial length and keratometric value in the highly myopic eyes were significantly increased (P=0.043, 0.037 respectively), whereas those in the non-highly myopic group were not (P=0.135, 0.347 respectively). The change of the axial length in the highly myopic eye (0.36 ±0.28 mm) was greater than in the non-highly myopic eye (0.11 ±0.34 mm; P<0.001).


Highly myopic eyes showed more myopic shift than non-highly myopic eyes after phacovitrectomy.