Chang Ryong Kim_RETINA PHOTO 2015

A 61-year old woman presented at our clinic for decreased her right eye. Her visual acuity was 0.1 right eye, 0.6 left eye. Fundus examination including fluorescence angiography and indocyanine green angiography (ICGA) reveal retinal angiomatous proliferation(RAP) on her right eye. Multiple duress and retinal hemorrhage with hard exudate was seen on her right retina. Ranibizumab was injected into her vitreous at five times and direct laser for feeder artery and vein was conducted. But the feeder vessel was more thicker and be straighten and hard exudate was more increased. We decided to perform pars plan vitrectomy to cut feeder artery and vein. We coagulated the feeder artery and vein before cutting the vessel with micro scissors. And then argon laser photocoagulation was performed to the feeder artery and vein. Silicone oil was injected into vitreous cavity at the end of surgery. After 2 months later feeder vessels were reanastomosed. Surgical cut of the feeder vessels for retinal agniomatous proliferation was disappointed. Other surgical trials such as wide dissection of the feeder vessels are needed.

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