To compare the efficiency of three different treatments analyzing the changes in visual acuity (VA), number of used doses and costs.


In a randomized prospective study we created three groups: Group-A, where we administered 0.5 mg (0.05ml) of intravitreal (IV) Ranibizumab, for three consecutive months; Group-B, where we combined the photodynamic therapy together with an IV injection of Ranibizumab; Group-C, where we administered 1.25mg (0,05ml) of Bevacizumab, for three consecutive months. The criterion of retreatment was the persistence of fluid measured by OCT.

Effectiveness / Safety:

A total of 37 patients, A=13, B=11 and C=13. No significant differences were found in the VA changes: A=1.7, B=3.4 and C=5.1 (P=0.254). The average number of doses was 5.3 (A), 1.5 (B) and 6.0 (C) (P<0.001). The average costs were 5.257 (A), 3.341 (B) and 426 (C) (P<0.001). The significant differences were observed between groups A and C (P<0.001) and the groups B and C (P<0.001) in conclusion when the three groups were compared, we did not observe differences in VA. In the combined group fewer doses were used. The costs were significantly lower with Bevacizumab.