Radical Vitrectomy & Extensive ILM Peeling in Complicated Pediatric Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment


80 eyes with complicated pediatric RRD were included (congenital myopia, Stickler, Marfan, regressed ROP, trauma, post-IO surgery, congenital retinoschisis, congenital coloboma & Down syndrome). Surgical technique included radical vitrectomy, posterior hyaloid peeling (unimanual or bimanual), radical excision of basal vitreous gel, extensive BB-assisted peeling of ILM reaching as far peripheral as possible, retinectomy when necessary, 360 endorser & finally direct PFCL/SiO exchange. Combining vitrectomy with extensive ILM peeling, extending to or beyond the equator may help to limit, reduce or eliminate postoperative posterior proliferation and PVR formation. This may help to reduce the number of surgeries required to stabilize the proliferative process with ultimate better visual outcome.


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