Murat Karacorlu,MD*; Hakan Ozdemir,MD; Serra Karacorlu,MD Istanbul Retina Institute Istanbul, Turkey

Purpose :

To evaluate the anatomic and visual improvement rates of radial retinotomies for PVR

Methods :

Retrospective review of 15 consecutive eye undergoing vitrectomy with radial retinotomy.

Results :

The minimum follow-up time was 6 months. 11 eyes were completely attached and 4 were detached. Visual acuity improved in 53.3%, remained unchanged in 20%, and decreased in 26.6%. Hypotony (intraocular pressure less than 5 mmHg) was seen in 26.6% of reattached eyes.

Conslusions :

The length of the radial retinotomy or the placement of the retinotomy either in the macular area or in the extramacular area did not appear to influence the anatomic or visual results. Radial retinotomy is an option in severe annular contracted retina.