Arturo Santos, MD, PhD (Guadalajara, Mexico), Enrique A. Roig-Melo, MD PhD (Guadalajara, Mexico), Miguel Castellanos, MD (Guadalajara, Mexico), Ramon Flores- Fuentes, MD (Guadalajara, Mexico), Monica A. Ayala-Fernandez, MD (Guadalajara, Mexico), Iban Flores, MD (Guadalajara, Mexico)


Many strategies have been developed to help surgeons to identify colorless structures such as the vitreous gel, posterior hyaloid and internal limiting membrane during surgery. We present a video demonstrating the use of PFTA as an adjuvant during vitreoretinal surgery to highlight and facilitate removal of vitreous base, anterior vitreous, posterior hyaloid, vitreous schisis, Internal limiting membrane, as well as its advantages over some dyes such as indocyanine green or trypan blue.