Guy L’Helgoual’ch


To appreciate the correspondence of P.H.P.’s results with angiograph’s pictures for patients cured for age related macular degeneration, treated or not.


9 months using P.H.P. during the follow-up of patients for age related macular Degeneration. Some of the patients have got a treatment (Laser or P.D.T), and the other a simple medical supervision.

Visual acuity:

E.T.D.R.S. (done by the same nurse). I.C.G. angiograph complete Fluoresceine angiograph if necessary. Angiograph by the same operator using a Topcon Imagenet system. Adobe Photoshop 7.0 to analyze the different pictures.


Comparing the angiographs to the P.H.P. pictures show you that anatomical and clinical analyses correspond to the pictures. So, the very simple use of the P.H.P. gives us a new screening exam for neovascular complications in age related macular degeneration.