All retina photos will be uploaded to the EVRS webpage, the EVRS congress app (which can be downloaded during summer time on Google play and App Store) and E-Retina Photos TOUCH 2.0. We will have on site at the Rudolfinum several 42´´ LED Monitor TVs. All retina photos will therefore be available to all congress participants via different platforms.

You are also allowed to print your RETINA PHOTO to be put on poster displays that will be available at the Rudolfinum.

No oral presentation of the retina photos is requested.

The EVRS Board decided to nominate the following doctors as the Retina Photo Award Committee: David Martins from Portugal, Nicola Ghazi from United Arab Emirates, Tansu Erakgun from Turkey and Wael Ewais from Egypt.

The three Best Retina Photo Awards will be given during the Gala Dinner on Saturday, September 01, 2018 at the Palace Žofín.

Please take into consideration the following recommendations:
  • Insert the title of your retina photo as well as your name. 
  • The slides should not exceed the size of 3840×2160 pixels, with a resolution of 72 dpi. The maximum number of slides inserted into the PDF file is 10. It is recommended maximum 20MB PDF file.

Send your retina photo(s) by email to or via WeTransfer before end of June 2018.


The message should be clear and understandable without oral explanation. The following guidelines have been prepared to help improve the effectiveness of photo communication.


Technical criteria: 6 points
Exposure Focus/sharpness; Depth of field; Colour and/or tonal rendition; Contrast; Lighting

Visual and aesthetic criteria / General characteristics: 6 points
Visual and aesthetic criteria: Framing and choice of viewpoint; Background; Design elements and principles; Appropriate application of photographic and/or manipulative techniques; Visual impact
General characteristics: Originality; Style; Context; Photographic vision; Empathy; Insight; Validity

Content / Viewer’s response: 8 points
Content: Information; Emotion; Mood; Feeling; Denotative and connotative content, symbolism, metaphor; Meaning, studium and punctum; Communication through the language of photography and visual art; The moment; Relevance; Subject impact
Viewer’s response: Visual; Aesthetic; Intellectual; Emotional; Excitement; Interest