Each year, EVRS celebrates the talents, observational skills, innovation, and creativity of retina specialists from around the world through the EVRS Cesare Forlini’s Film Festival. Everybody is invited to participate.

All edited films will be uploaded to the EVRS webpage, the EVRS congress app (which can be downloaded during summer time on Google play and App Store) and E-Edited Films TOUCH 2.0. We will have on site at the Rudolfinum several 42´´ LED Monitor TVs. All edited films will therefore be available to all congress participants via different platforms.

No oral presentation of the edited films is requested.

Length is always a tricky issue when it comes to short films. Some advise that you should keep them as short and sweet as possible, others say you should let them be as long as they need to be to properly tell the story. If two movies are of similar quality, and both deserve to be in the festival, it is only logical that the shorter film has a better shot. So what’s the takeaway ? Know exactly the story you are trying to tell, and tell it as well as you possibly can.

The EVRS Board decided to nominate the following doctors as the Film Award Committee: Ahmed Sallam from USA, Hua Yan from China, Jerzy Nawrocki from Poland and Natalia Ferreira from Portugal.

The three Best Edited Film Awards will be given during the Gala Dinner on Saturday, September 01, 2018 at the Palace Žofín.

Please send your edited film(s) via WeTransfer to anja.leppich@evrs.org or by regular mail to EVRS 61 Chemin du Mayne de Jouan 33160 SAINT AUBIN DE MEDOC FRANCE before end of June 2018.



Scientific interest / content & innovation: 12 points

Artistic value: 4 points

Technical Execution: 4 points
(Camera / Sound / Lighting / Editing / Image)
Soundtrack: We heavily subscribe to the adage “music is the language of the soul”. Sound should compliment the visuals, but also help convey the emotion of each scene. If those two aspects contradict each other, diagetic and non-diagetic soundtracks should each support a separate element in opposition to the other.