This is a video of a patient with age related macular degeneration who had a macular scar in his right eye and a new subretinal massive hemorrhage causing hemorrhagic retinal detachment in his left eye which used to be his better eye. A cataract surgery combined with pars plana vitrectomy with 360 retinotomy, removal of subretinal hemorrhage, clots and choroidal neovascular membrane, and choroid-retina pigment epithelial patch graft was performed. The postoperative fundus pictures together with OCT (demonstrating the graft), ICG (demonstrating the vascularization of the graft) and autoflorecence (demonstrating the healthy RPE) of the eye will be presented with the video. The patient’s visual acuity is now 20/60 for distance and 20/20 with +4.00 for reading.