Hamdi Er, MD (Malatya, Turkey)


To evaluate the safety and efficacy of modified (two port) multiport illumination system (MIS) for a variety of vitreoretinal surgeries.


We performed a retrospectively reviewed a 108 consecutive patients (64 women, 44 men) who underwent pars plana vitrectomy by modified MIS for following conditions: diabetic tractional detachment with/without vitreous hemorrhage (n=47), rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (n=49), diabetic macular edema (n=7), foreign body (n=1), silicone exchange
with/without phacoemulsification surgery (n=4). All procedures were performed by the MIS. Only two port vitrectomy by the MIS without any additional port entry was performed.


Mean follow-up was 6 months (range 1 to 13 months). Visual acuity was stabilized in 62 eyes (57.4%) of 108 eyes, improved in 38 eyes (35.1%), and reduced in 8 eyes (7.40%). No intraoperative complications occurred. Postoperative complications were hypotony in 12 eyes, rehemorrhage in 8 eyes, and choroidal detachment in 1 eye. Eight cases required
conversion to standart 3 port sclerotomy. Sclerotomy sutures were required for enlarged sclerotomies in all cases. Mean overallĀ  preoperative and postoperative intraocular pressure was 16.9 mm Hg and 15.8 mm Hg, respectively.


Despite some limitations two port modified MIS is a good, comfortable and safe option for posterior segment surgeries.