Mehran Masoudnaseri (Odessa, Ukraine)


To avoid postoperative complications and improve retinal reattachment with Nano Silicon Mehran Lent-1, after scleral buckling.


Scleral buckle by Nano silicon Mehran lent-1, a piece of Nano silicone sponge, rubber, or semi-hard plastic, buckling the sclera. This buckle has 4 pairs of holes at the end of the strip. On one its ends there is a split 1,5 mm, the head of the silicon can be ahead of the spilt (Fig 1) than fix silicone sponge on the sclera with nylon Succor (Fig 2). After reattachment of the retina (15 – 25 days) (Fig 3) these nylons will be observed and silicon sponge will be opened very easily, and progressively the eyeball will recover its normal size. (Fig 4)

Effectiveness / Safety:

Sclera buckling with silicon Mehran Lent-1 avoids: a- slowness of blood circulation, and ensuing low blood pressure. b- choroidal ischemia, and reduced pulse amplitude. c- change of visual axis. d- glaucoma. e- myopia, strabismus, and astigmatism f- vitreous hemorrhage. g- change of anterior segment depth. h- retina edema, change of scleral diameter, i- vitreous proliferation, l- internal erosion. This method provides total retinal attachment and avoids postoperative complications.