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To show the efficacy and safety of miniinvasive method of pneumatic retinopexy in cases of optic pit macular detachment.

Setting venue:

The prospective study.

Materials and methods:

15 patients (15 eyes) with optic pit macular detachment aged 11-32 years with VA less than 0.1 underwent the pneumatic retinopexy by intravitreal injection of 0,7 mL of 100 % perfluoropropane following prone face-down position for 14-18 days.


Next day after pneumatic retinopexy the significant flattening of the macular detachment was observed in majority of cases and in 5 cases the complete retinal reattachment in posterior pole was recorded. The media remained clear in all cases. One month after surgery, the retina was attached in almost all cases and VA reached 0.3-0.85. The long term follow-up period up to 5 years showed the stable anatomical and functional results with high visual improvement, up to 1.0.


Pneumatic retinopexy by intravitreal perfluoropropane injection in optic pit macular detachment can be an effective, safe and cost-effective procedure and may be applied as an alternative to vitrectomy in such cases.