Authors: Cesare Forlini, Matteo Forlini, Paolo Rossini, Ravenna, Italy

The video shows the case of a 54 y/o monocular female patient, with the only eye already having undergone Pintucci Keratoprosthesis (KP) implantation. The patient previously had multiple surgeries for retinal detachement following an endophthalmitis caused by Candida; the visual acuity on admission was light perception. She had a long-term silicone oil (1000cs) tamponade and the oral mucose left on the ocular surface where will be allocated the keratoprosthesis. This device was left in the eyelid subcutaneous space to let the colonization occur.

Once the mucosa had been removed, a corneal trephination was done, TKP with silicone oil aspiration and retinal revision with MLI peeling after ICG staining under PFCL; after endolaser treatment, the 1000 cs silicone oil was injected, the TKP was removed and the corneal graft was sutured again. Then a 4 mm central corneal trephination was performed and the Pintucci KP was sutured, covered by a double layer of amniotic membrane. Three months postoperatively, the retina was flat and the visual acuity improved to count fingers. Unfortunately the patient had three episodes of KP exposure and so more sutures and a new patch of oral mucouse have been implanted. This video is a tribute to Dr. Stefano Pintucci for his pioneering efforts.