Phimosis in Recurrent PVR cases: challenges and timing of management I present 2 cases with capsular Phimosis. Phimosis elicit a contracted field of vision during vitreoretinal procedures. The ideal management is to perform a pre operative YAG enlargement of the phimosis. However, i had Phimosis in a 5 year old child, who isn’t cooperative enough for a YAG…. so i had to manage intra operatively. in the second case, i had an improper pre operative evaluation of phimosis….. during the procedure, it obscured my visualization of the retina, so I had to manage intra operatively. the Intra operative management entailed: a radial snip at the edge of the capsulorrhexis by 23G vitrectomy scissors, the a curvilinear circular peeling by a 23G end gripping forceps….. however, i left a part of it to stabilize the IOL and avoid posterior dislocation of the IOL during the procedure. in the pediatric case, the phimosis was tough and i used a bimanual approach to stabilize one point and peel the other. Outcome: much better visualization intra operatively, without IOL displacement intra and post operatively.

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