Peeling of Internal Limiting Membrane vs no Internal Limiting Membrane Peeling in Surgery for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment


Peeling of Internal Limiting Membrane vs no ILM Peeling in Surgery for Rhegmatogenous Retinal Detachment by Francesca Guidolin, Sandro Soldati, Pietro Viola, Francesco Petti, Roberto Cian, Italy



The efficacy of peeling of internal limiting membrane (ILM) in preventing post surgery complications is controversial.


To evaluate the incidence of macular complications following pars plana vitrectomy (PPV) for regmatogenous retinal detachment.


Data from patients affected by regmatogenous retinal detachment undergoing PPV between October 2012 and July 2016 were retrospectively evaluated. Features of retinal detachment, visual acuity and the presence of post-operative complications (macular edema, macular pucker and macula-off recurrence of retinal detachment) were recorded. A comparison between the ILM peeling group and the non-peeling group was obtained by Chi-square test, Pearson\’s correlation coefficient and Fisher’s exact test; results were taken as significant if p<0.05.


We analyzed 105 eyes affected by regmatogenous retinal detachment: eighty-five eyes (80.9%) underwent PPV with ILM peeling, while twenty eyes (19,1%) were treated without ILM peeling. The procedure was independent from macular condition at onset (p=0.0952). Thirty-four eyes (32.4%) had a macula-on retinal detachment, while in seventy-one eyes (67.6%) macula was detached. The mean visual acuity was 0.25±0.32, and it significantly increased by 0.43±0.32 (p<0.0001), without significant difference between groups. The incidence of complications was not related to ILM peeling procedure (p=0.6303 for macular edema, p=1 for macular pucker, p=0.35 for macula-off recurrence of retinal detachment). The statistical analysis suggests a correlation of macular pucker with silicone oil tamponade (p=0.0252), but data should be confirmed increasing sample size.


ILM peeling procedure seems not to prevent macular complications in regmatogenous retinal detachment surgery.


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