Corey Rowland, Graham A Lee, Stephen Vincent, Kathrin Rac, Lawrence R Lee, Australia

To understand the patient experience of those with wet MD, through the assessment of perceived level of understanding of the condition and its management, acceptability of treatment and side-effects, interference on daily living and level of concern surrounding disease progression; in conjunction with associations with predictor variables such as age, gender, degree of vision loss and current treatment regimen.

Materials & Methods:
Prospective consecutive study using a wet MD patient-reported outcome and experience measure (POEM), modified for an Australian ophthalmic private clinical practice setting.

One hundred and forty three (M:F 46:97) patients participated in the study. Mean ± standard deviation for subject age was 79±11 years. Patients perceived level of understanding of their diagnosis, acceptability of the management plan and side effects, and satisfaction with their health providers was favourable. High variability in responses was observed with respect to perceived worsening of the condition, concerns regarding vision loss and the interference on daily living. Patients with worse visual acuity (B coefficient -4, 95% CI -8 to -1, p <0.02), receiving treatment for a greater duration (B coefficient 2 ,95% CI 1 to 3, p <0.001) and current treatment involving intravitreal injections in at least one eye (B coefficient -17, CI 95% -33 to -1, p <0.04) had a greater perceived understanding of their diagnosis. Poorer visual acuity was associated with a greater perception of condition worsening (B coefficient -6, CI 95% -11 to -1, p <0.02) and interference with daily living (B coefficient -8, CI -14 to -2, p <0.01).

The modified POEM demonstrates potential to identifying common themes amongst patient subgroups with wet MD, address concerns pertinent to the patient and help optimise health care initiatives and agendas aligned to the patient experience and priorities.

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