Yaprak Banu Ünver, MD, Nur Acar, MD, Ziya Kapran, MD, Mehmet Cakır, MD, Zerrin Bayraktar, MD, Tugrul Altan, MD, Eylem Y. Pınarcı, MD

In stage 2, 3 and 4 maculer holes, anatomical and functional success is achieved with vitreoretinal surgery (VRC). Internal limiting membran (ILM) peeling with or without staining increases the anatomical success rates. Different kinds of stains such as indocyanin green with different concentrations, trephan blue and triamcinolone acetonide are used to stain and to demonstrate ILM easily. Demonstration of the ILM enables the surgeon to manipulate the ILM easily which shortens the surgery time. After ILM peeling, water-air exchange and gas tamponade injection are performed. Postoperatively the patient is requested to stay in supine position for three – seven days. In this video, ILM peeling after staining with different dyes is shown under contact and noncontact macula lenses. Preoperative and postoperative OCT scans are also demonstrated.