David Martins and Margarida Santos, Pedro Gomes, Si­lvia Diniz, Ines Matias, Pedro Neves, Érica Paulo, Portugal

To assess our first-hand experience performing phacoemulsification and vitreoretinal surgery while using a three-dimensional (3D) heads-up display (HUD) viewing system (NGenuity®, Alcon, USA).

All cataract and vitreoretinal procedures were preformed using the 3D Heads-up viewing system. In each surgical case the following parameters were registered: surgical complications, duration of surgery and intensity of illumination (direct microscope illumination and vitrectomy pipe endoillumination). The surgeons did a subjective assessment of the ergonomics and personal learning curve. The surgical team including visitors and pupils were asked to fill out a questionnaire pointing out the pros and cons they found in the 3D system.

Fifty-one isolated phacoemulsifications and twenty vitrectomies (twelve of them combined phaco-vitrectomies) were performed using the 3D Heads-up viewing system. The vitreoretinal procedures had the following surgical indications: retinal detachment, diabetic retinopathy, macular hole and macular pucker. There were no reports of surgical complications and no evident difference in the duration of the surgeries. The lower light intensity needed, the greater potential of the digital image processing and the outstanding images obtained for educational purpose were found to be major advantages. All surgeons agreed that the ergonomics of the 3D viewing system were favorable, reporting both physical and visual comfort. Mainly the switching of the traditional technique to the 3D viewing system was pointed out as a disadvantage for experienced surgeons, nevertheless, the surgeons had a short learning curve of only three to five cases without any surgical complication or limitation.

The 3D heads-up surgery is well suited for regular use in cataract and vitreoretinal surgery.

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