To discuss how to increase the success rate of surgery in advanced diabetic vitrectomy as regard to safety and efficacy of surgical procedures.

Materials & Methods:

This topic discuss the value of adding phacoemulsification to diabetic vitrectomy especially in old age. The use of bimanual techniques and the magic of dissection using two hands and also the use of air and its role in advanced cases.

Results & Conclusion:

With combined phacovitrectomy we can achieved almost all goals of diabetic vitrectomy including adequate removal of fibrovascular proliferation, adequate and complete removal of vitreous base, complete PRP up to the ora, adequacy removal of retrolental blood bimanual dissection allow for easy and safely access to the plane of cleavage, avoid or minimize the iatrogenic retinal breaks, relieves all traction with faster visual rehabilitation. Also air allow for wider view to facilitate working on periphery either removal of residual vitreous base or completion of PRP.



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