Authors: Jerzy Nawrocki, Zofia Nawrocka, Janusz Michalewski, Zofia Michalewska, Lodz, Poland


Spectral OCT was used to analyze surgical images of optic pit maculopathy.


Vitrectomy with air tampodane was performed in 4 eyes and with silicone oil tampodane in one eye. One patient was followed up who decided against surgery.

Effectiveness / Safety:

SOCT and surgical observation confirmed that cerebrospinal fluid may be coming through the optic nerve. Fluid initially enters inner retina layers causing a schisis, then intraretinal traction forces produce photoreceptor layer detachment, pulling the photoreceptor layer off its original position. Posterior hyaloid detachment by creation of additional fluid channel may be responsible for healing.

Take home message:

SOCT explains the pathogenesis of optic pit maculopathy and confirms the rationale of vitrectomy as a treatment method.