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To demonstrate two cases of optic nerve pit in paediatric age group.

Methods and results:

A one-year old female with skin and mucous membrane manifestations of tuberous sclerosis was found to have an optic nerve pit with subretinal fluid OS and astrocytic hamartomas OD. Over a follow up period of 3 years, the patient had stable amount of subretinal fluid OS and family refused any interventions. A second case aged 3 years presented with an optic pit/coloboma with a full thickness macular hole. Pars plana vitectomy, ILM peeling, endolaser and use of silicone oil tamponade successfully closed the hole.

Take home message:

Optic pit may present in young age associated with other pathology. One should be oriented on different modalities in management as paediatric vitrectomy offers specific difficulties to retina specialist.