Ivan Fiser, Ivan Kolin (Cornea Lexum Eye Clinic)


This technique simplifies the air-gas exchange, making it the shortest and the cheapest possible.


The exchange is performed on a closed eye, even after the conjunctival suture. A single 30ga needle is introduced, the required volume of air is removed using one 2ml syringe and the same volume of gas (0.7ml of C3F8, or 1.5ml of SF6, respectively) is injected using a second 2ml syringe, making the desired intraocular concentration of gas 15% and 30%, respectively. Neither the “flushing” of the eye with pre-mixed gas nor using a second needle are necessary. A very similar technique can be used for a partial fluid-gas exchange, for blood-air exchange, etc., even as an office-based procedure.

Effectiveness / Safety:

More than 1000 air-gas exchanges have been performed this way with no complications and for a very low price.