Leyla S. Atmaca, MD (Ankara, Turkey), Elif Akmese, MD (Ankara, Turkey), Özlem Ö. Kumbasar, MD (Ankara, Turkey), Gökhan Çelik, MD (Ankara, Turkey)


To evaluate the incidence of ocular involvement in patients with systemic sarcoidosis.


Patients with sarcoidosis who were referred to our clinic from the Pulmonary Disease Department of Ankara University Faculty of Medicine for examination, to determine the presence of ocular involvement were included in this prospective study. All patients were given a routine ophthalmic examination. Fluorescein angiography and fundus photography were also performed on patients who were suspected of having ocular involvement.


Of the 71 patients(141 eyes), 53 (74.6%) were female and 18 (25.4%) were male. The mean age was 43.0 (range 17-72) years. Of the 71 patients, 11 (15.5%) had ocular signs of sarcoidosis (18 of 141 eyes; 12.8%). Ocular involvement was observed in 13.2% of females (7 females) and 22.2% of males (4 males). There was anterior uveitis in 5 patients (7 eyes), both anterior and posterior uveitis in 2 patients (3 eyes) and conjunctiva or eyelid involvement in 4 patients (8 eyes). Of the 71 patients, 5 had erythema nodosum and 6 had skininvolvement other than erythema nodosum. Neurosarcoidosis was observed in only 1 patient. Radiologically, 34.6%, 57.7%, 3.8% and 3.8% of patients belonged to stage 1, 2, 3 and 4 respectively.


All patients with systemic sarcoidosis need a routine ophthalmic examination.