Alejandro Lavaque, Carlos Aguero, Natalia Ramón Brim, Vladimir Poposki, Argentina

To evaluate the results of short pulse laser treatment guided by a novel classification based in choroidal OCTA image interpretation in patient diagnosed with acute forms of CSCR.

Twenty three eyes of 21 patients diagnosed with acute CSCR were treated with Pascal-EpM and followed for an average of 26 months. Three different choroidal patterns were detected by OCTA in patients with CSCR. They were classified as: 1- combined (48%); 2- Isolated (32%) and 3- fused (20%). All of them revealed an area of hyperactivity in the choroid where the short pulse laser treatment was applied. Before treatment, best corrected visual acuity (BCVA) range from 20/200 to 20/40 (mean 20/80). Mean central macular thickness (CMT) was 549 microns (range 290-601). Mean choroidal thickness (CT) was 289 microns (range 230-301). No other topical or systemic treatment was prescribed. After short pulse treatment, BCVA range from 20/20 to 20/40 (mean 20/30). Mean CMT was 194 microns (range 135-211). Mean CT was 153 microns (range 115-159). Single laser treatment was applied in 20 eyes. Two eyes required 2 treatments and one eye 3 treatments. Mean number treatment per eye was 1.1.

Short Pulse Laser Treatment (PASCAL)® seems to be a safe and effective treatment in patients diagnosed with the acute form of CSCR.

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