Novel Technique for Subretinal Fluid Drainage with Chandelier Assisted Scleral Buckle Surgery: Cannula Controlled Drainage




To report a novel technique for subretinal fluid drainage in scleral buckle surgery using 3D viewing system.


A 26-gauge intravenous (IV) cannula with its needle was used to puncture the sclera then the needle (metallic part) was withdrawn to further introduce the cannula into the sub retinal space. In addition we describe using the 25-gauge microcannula of the chandelier light to inject the balanced salt solution to help restore the intraocular pressure and push the sub retinal fluid through the IV cannula under direct visualization using three dimensional viewing system.


A lady with rhegmatogenous retinal detachment was operated using this technique. She underwent chandelier light assisted scleral buckle with subretinal fluid drainage using cannula controlled drainage which resulted in complete intraoperative subretinal fluid drainage with no complications and successful flattening of the retina in the postoperative follow-up.


Subretinal fluid drainage using this technique with chandelier assisted scleral buckle surgery is a new method which might improve the safety profile of subretinal fluid drainage during scleral buckle surgery.


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