To present the new instruments for vitreoretinal (VR) surgery.


1. to modify the conventional tacking forceps for array tacking during Argus II implantation on the right eyes, in order to perform the tacking with the right hand;
2. to modify 25-gauge ILM forceps for intraoperative optical coherence tomography (iOCT) assisted VR surgery in order to reduce the shadowing during surgery. The prototypes of the new instruments were tested on the training eye with training Argus II epiretinal prosthesis and with the use of iOCT system (Rescan 700, Carl Zeiss Meditech, Oberkochen, Germany).


1. Modified tacking forceps for array fixation during Argus II implantation allow for tacking on the right eyes using right hand without need of bimanual technique. Moreover, the surgeon can tack the array on the left eyes using the same forceps.
2. The use of modified ILM forceps during the test with iOCT showed reduced shadowing in the area of ILM peeling with improved iOCT imaging. The stiffness of modified 25-gauge forceps was comparable to conventional instrument.


1. The new tacking forceps for Argus II implantation can be used as an alternative instrument for right-handed surgeons, as it can ease the array tacking step, making it more controlled and comfortable.
2. The new ILM peeling forceps can decrease the shadowing during iOCT assisted vitreoretinal surgery, enhancing the imaging of the surgical field and surgery flow control.



Lyubomyr Lytvynchuk*, Vasyl Didenko, Adien Dam, Christiane Falkner-Radler, Susanne Binder, Birgit Lorenz
Justus Liebig University, Department of Ophthalmology, University Clinic Giessen and Marburg GmbH, Campus Giessen, Germany
Email : lubko_l@yahoo.co.uk
Cell Phone: +4915174120180
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