SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2016_New Findings in En-face OCT for the Diagnosis of CSCR Patricia Udaondo


To analyze the advantages and findings of en face OCT in the diagnosis of central serous corioretinopathy (CSC) cases.


Both fluorescein angiography (FA), a gold standard test for diagnosis in CSC and en face/enhanced depth OCT images were obtained in 30 patients with CSC, analysed and compared.


In all patients with CSC the enhaced images demostrated a thicker choroid (10% increase) compared to fellow healthy eye and healthy patients with similar demographics. The enface images showed similar findings to FA at the RPE level with either single hot spot or multiple areas of granular hyperfluorescence.


New en face OCT provides additional information in patients with CSC compared to spectral domain OCT; a larger number patients however need to be analyze to determine the real utility of en face OCT and the possibility of this diagnostic tool becoming an alternative to FA in the future.

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