New Extraocular Illumination Allows Specifically to Better Peel ILM’s

Frank Koch, Pankaj Singh, Michael Koss, Rachid Benjilali (Frankfurt am Main, Germany)


To peel the ILM under superb resolution and illumination circumstances.


Using high power (HP) diaphanoscopic extraocular illumination.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The HP diaphanoscope can be powered with just a 150 W halogen light bulb and is characterized by a unique aperture, filtered light with cut offs at the short as well as the long wavelengths ends. At no time the tip of the device gets hot. No post-operative examination (OCT, fluorescein angiography) or papers revealed any signs of light toxicity so far. The number of accidental defects in the nerve fiber layer (related to the peeling manipulations) is very low probably due to increased precision performing ILM peeling when illuminating from the back with the HP diaphanoscope.

Take home message:

If you think there is no better way than to illuminate from the front, you better start to try out external illumination from behind.