To describe our technique in highly myopic eyes affected by a form of posterior vitreous traction termed myopic traction maculopathy (MTM).


A highly myopic phakic eye with MTM was operated with standard 25G vitrectomy and release of vitreoretinal traction with partially final fluid/gas exchange (pure gas bubble). The vitrectomy has been limited to posterior pole. The patient age was 45 years, refractive error was -27.00 dioptric spherical and preoperative visual acuity 20/400.Follow-up was 6 months.

Effectiveness / Safety:

The retina was completely attached on the first postoperative day and the result was maintained after 6 months. Visual improvement was 4 Snellen lines. Standard 25G vitrectomy with partially final fluid/gas exchange (pure gas bubble) leads to stable resolution of MTM and good visual improvement.