Myopic Schisis and Vitreomacular Traction


Myopic Schisis associated with epirretinal membrane and vitreomacular traction may develop over time. Peeling of ILM may address definitive resolution in this cases. On the other hand accidental macular hole or incomplete resolution of the schisis may occur.

My Cases:

I aim to present one case of macular schisis associated with epirretinal membrane and a second case of macular schisis associeted with severe vitreomacular traction. Surgial Video shows ILM peeling in these cases Pre-operative and Post-operative OCT shows complete resolution of the macular disorder, accompanied with improvement of visual acuity. Prognostic Factors such as elipsoide preservation, height of schisis and initial visual acuity at time of surgery are taken into account.


Wether ILM peeling combined with macular buckling is better than ILM peeling alone it’s not clear. Prognostic factors and complete resolution are analized with the last evidence in the literature.


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