People know that. I’m the first to fight against vitrectomy in a detachment without PVD, to fight against combined surgery when we can avoid it, or to call for a minimal vitrectomy in macular surgery as my concern is always to provoke the minimum trauma; but I am performing 10 to 15 vitrectomies per year for floaters and this can appear paradoxical.

I have 2 indications

  • Professional indications: a commercial traveler who cannot drive his car, an accountant who mix up the figures… So they have to stop their work
  • Psychological indications: people who have to take psychotropic drugs to live, to accept going outside their home.

Those indications, professional and psychological should be taken into consideration.

So, you can ask me how can you find 15 candidates yearly in being so restricted in the indications: this is because a lot of us don’t pay attention to the real suffering of these patients who feel completely neglected and discover in internet that a doctor has done something miraculous for a similar case. Don’t neglect these patients and don’t neglect the growing power of internet; you must know that 85,000 patients visited our web site pages last year. For 400 members updated in the registration, it makes 200 patients per member.

So I ask the patient to describe the discomfort and to tell if the live has become too difficult; then if the complain enters in my indications, I describe the risk of complications and ask the patient to decide after coming back home.

To decrease the risk of cataract, I make only a core vitrectomy and to decrease the risk of detachment, I use, of course, a machine with flow control pump and I don’t try to force the PVD and this is why I say the patient that a possibility of re-operation, when the PVD will be completed, is always possible.

And for those who do not have a vitrectomy machine with flow control pump and are therefore very prudent or those who don’t want to operate these patients for ethical reasons, I would answer the following: these patients are the most grateful patients that I can operate, much more the the stage C3 PVR for whom you can spend 3 hours surgery and what is the more ethical: operate a cataract at 20/40 where an addition of -1 could give 20/30, or to operate this lawyer from Lyon who stopped going to the court as he could no longer work in the street and was divorcing as his character had become impossible.

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