Sengul Ozdek


These sutureless techniques are easy to perform for the surgeons and comfortable for the patients


In pkakic patients: After a 23G 3-port pars plana entry silicone oil is drained passively from the superior trockars. It takes 5 minutes. You can also continue with membrane peeling or with other procedures after SO removal. In aphakic cases: Only one 25G trockar is entered for the infusion line, and silicone oil is removed passively through a lamellar corneal incision in the superior part. This is preferred if no other vitreoretinal procedure is needed after SO removal. In eyes with cataract: Cataract surgery is performed in the usual manner of phacoemulsification. A posterior capsulotomy  is created and SO is removed through the lamellar corneal incision. An IOL is implanted at the end of the procedure. All these surgeries are totally sutureless.

Effectiveness / Safety:

More than 100 procedures have been performed with these methods without any unusual complication. These are safe and effective methods.