Expanded PTFE (e-PTFE) is a material derived from goretex, that has been used since the seventies for vascular surgery. Afterwards its utility was expanded to reconstructive and plastic surgery, and in the ophthalmological fieldĀ  to oculoplastics, corneal surgery and scleral buckling.
It is a smooth surfaced, resistant, permeable and highly biocompatible material that can be used as buckling element. In addition it is non elastic and non compressible, so there are no elastic forces involved in scleral deformation. Its porous nature allows the colonization of the implant with fibroblasts and macrophages from the scleral surface, avoiding encapsulation.
Since the introduction of silicon as buckling element for retinal detachment surgery (sponges or solid), its use became widely accepted. Nevertheless, complications related to the material may appear over time, asĀ  extrusion or intrusion of the element, or infection due to exposure after conjuntival erosion, or contamination of the surface of the implant, leading this to the necessity of explantation which represents in some cases a risk, due to extensive scleral erosion under the material, or redetachment after the removal of the buckle. The use of a material with a low extrusion rate and with the least damage to the underneath sclera would be of great interest.
We present a series of 189 cases in the last 15 years with a medium follow up of 72 months in which we used e-PTFE for localized buckling in uncomplicated retinal detachment surgery (PVR B or less). Intra and post-operative, material related complications are analyzed.

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