The artificial iris represents an important innovation in the treatment of posttraumatic iris damage. We present a case series where different surgical techniques have been used both for coloboma and aniridia with artificial iris with meshwork and without. Opensky insertions during reconstructive “pole to pole” surgery are shown, and close eye insertions. In all the aphakic patients, we fixed IOL on the iris to treat aphakia. We present the evolution of our scleral fixation technique in aphakia and of the positioning in sulcus in pseudophakia. To put the correct suture we show a trick to mark the artificial iris, with a micro iridectomy, since the artificial iris is impossible to color. We show the simultaneous intervention of secondary glaucoma with valves. The endoscope allows us to make an endophotocoagulation of the ciliary bodies (ECP) and to check the quality of the positioning of the artificial iris.