To evaluate the functionality and the thickness of the ganglion cell complex (GCC) in sixteen patients with full-thickness macular hole underwent ILM peeling and scraping with Tano Diamond Duster Membrane Scraper (DDMS). Three-port pars plana vitrectomy with a 23-gauge system was performed with ILM peeling. After Dual Blue staining, air was used as tamponade. Before performing fluid/air exchange, the hole edges were repeatetdly massaged with Tano DD MS to reduce the size of the hole. The thickness of the GCC was evaluated with SD-OCT, while macular function was investigated by measuring ETDRS visual acuity and performing contrast sensitivity test. The measurements were made before surgery, and at first and third month postoperatively. Macular hole was closed after the initial surgery in all patients. The thickness of the perifoveal GCC was reduced after the closure of the hole, due to reabsorption of preexisting retinal edema. The visual acuity and contrast sensitivity progressively improved during the follow-up. This technique could be considered an alternative to ILM inverted flap.

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