Cesare Forlini, Paolo Rossini, Antonio Aversano (Department of Ophthalmology, “S. Maria delle Croci” Hospital, Ravenna, Italy), Matteo Forlini (Eye Clinic, University of Modena, Italy)


To show the effectiveness to use the scleral suture in mini-invaseive 25/23 gauge systems.


Both 25 and 23 gauge trocars are inserted through a scleral tunnel but, at the end of the surgery, the sclerotomies are closed with sutures. An 8-0 adsorbable suture is put in the 25 gauge surgery, and a 7-0 adsorbable one in the 23 gauge

Effectiveness / Safety:

Many reports have been published in the literature about post-surgical endophthalmitis, severe hypotony, vitreous incarceration (and its related-complications). We show how to use a suture does not worse the final surgical and functional result and let the min-invasive surgery to have the same safety than conventional 20 gauge surgery.