To report a case of Branch Retinal Artery Occlusion (BRAO) in a pregnant Bangladeshi woman who was on Tab. Micronized Progesterone(Microgest) treatment for prevention of threatened abortion.


A 22 years old pregnant Bangladeshi woman presented with a complaint of sudden appearance of “shadow” in the periphery of her left eye for the last three days along with dimness of vision. On examination, her retina looked pale with macular oedema consistent with BRAO. She was pregnant for 6 months.She was taking Tab. Microgest 100 mg, 1 tab. twice a day for the last three months to prevent abortion. She never consumed Tab. Microgest prior to this treatment. She was suffering from Hypothyroidism and was on Tab.Thyrox 50 mg, 1 and 1/4 tab. every day in divided doses. On physical examination, she appeared as a normotensive, non-diabetic, non-aneamic patient. All relevant laboratory blood tests were performed to determine an etiologic factor. However, all tests, including TSH results were within normal limits. For ocular investigation, only CFP was done in left eye, FFA was deferred for pregnancy. We treated her with gentle ocular massage over the globe over closed eyelids for 15 minutes and subsequently by doing an Anterior-Chamber Paracentes which is done aseptically with removal of 0.1 ml of aqueous humor from left eye with an advise to consult with the Obstetrician about the Tab. Microgest treatment. She came after one month on follow-up,where we found her visual acuity improved from 20/40 to 20/20(part) with the near normal appearance of retina.


This case suggests that BRAO can occur in pregnant woman who is getting treatment with Micronized Progesterone for prevention of threatened abortion.A timely intervention like Paracentesis can restore vision in BRAO.



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