Andriy Sergienko, MD (Kiev, Ukraine), Alexander Filipchuk, MD (Kiev, Ukraine)


To evaluate efficacy of the method developed for safe vitrectomy manipulations.


A design of the developed instrument is supplied with thin irrigation tube which is fixed near a tip of the vitreo-cutter. The water jet from the tube allows to prevent capture of the retina and to control removal of vitreous. Initial trial of the instrument was performed on the removed human eyes. Twelve eyes with detached retina complicated with PVR and two eyes with
retinopathy of prematurity were included in this study.


Vitreo-retinal surgery was technically performed easily. Intraoperative injuries of the retina did not take place. Additional liquid flow permitted better control of intraocular pressure.


The developed instrument proved to be safe and effective during vitreo-retinal surgery.