Ethical Med Tech – Conference Vetting System – Assessment outcome decision

We are pleased to inform you that our assessment concluded that the 14th EVRS Meeting from from 04/09/2014 to 07/09/2014 in Porto, Portugal is: COMPLIANT

with the Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice, subject to the following:

  • In rendering this decision, we have relied on the documents and information which have been provided to us. We have not independently verified the accuracy of that information or of those documents nor have we determined whether they are up-to-date.
  • The overall conference scientific programme has been reviewed, but not its scientific content.
  • This decision does not take into account national and local laws, regulations or professional and company codes that may impose more stringent requirements upon Eucomed members, members of local associations, Healthcare professionals and/or conference organisers.
  • The Eucomed Code of Ethical Business Practice requires Eucomed members to notify in writing each sponsored Healthcare Professional’s hospital administration, superior or locally designated competent authority with a full description of the purpose and scope of all sponsorship provided. It is up to each Eucomed member to comply with this transparency requirement.

This decision will be posted on


Alfândega Congress Centre in Porto is one of the largest congress centres in Portugal. It is the ideal place for business, scientific, cultural and commercial events. Tastefully restored by architect Souto Moura, the building is singular in style with an unforgettable riverside location in the heart of Porto’s historic centre.




You can submit an abstract for both, medical and surgical personal ways of doing under the conditon that this way should be different from the usual one (the one usually described in peer reviews). This year, we will only focuss on standard situations this is to say usual uncomplicated conditions excluding rare diseases. The way of managing rare or complicated conditions will be next year’s topic.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to present your unconventional technique of sclerotomy, your personal therapeutical combination, your new peeling instrument, your specific buckling indication, your trick avoiding drainage complications, your expertise in trying a new product or a new machine, your unusual technique of photocoagulation, your special office organization… all those things which are never presented at classical congresses because they are rejected by too traditionally thinking reviewers. For sure, each of us will go back home having learned one or two genius techniques to be employed the day after.


Our 2014 clinical study topic will be optic pit. You can submit your way of doing, your strategy, your thinking in optic pit detachment, your decision in case of failure. This presentation will be regrouped in a session and argued by the EVRS Optic Pit study results. Each member must participate to this study (information at In doing so, he will not only participate in the largest study in optic pit detachment but also know what is the best strategy for this pathology.


Tables and chairs will be provided. Electric appliances will be of course supplied allowing you to plug in all your equipments. Special eqipment can be organized upon your request.

Exhibitors erecting their own displays are responsible for any costs. Exhibitors shall arrange their displays so they do not obstruct other exhibits. Aisles must be kept clear. It is forbidden to nail, tape or hang materials on any of the meeting room walls. All freestanding exhibition displays must be self-supporting and cannot utilize the Edifício da Alfândega walls, ceilings or columns for support. Any damage to the Edifício da Alfândega, external or internal, caused by exhibitor participation and display will be charged to the exhibitor.


All display materials and contents must conform in all respects to applicable safety, health and fire codes in addition to the rules of the Edifício da Alfândega. All materials used within the display, for decoration, or any displayed products shall be flame retardant. No smoke devices may be used. Bio hazardous materials are prohibited. Safety and fire exits and stand-related equipment must be left accessible and in full view at all times. Any operational lasers must conform to appropriate safety precautions. No unshielded laser beam delivery is permitted anywhere within the display, and must be fully housed with wavelength absorbent materials.
The EVRSC reserves the right to prohibit or require the removal of any display, exhibit, parts of a display, or products that it deems not suitable, unsafe, not in accordance with these regulations, or not acceptable with professional ethics as determined by the EVRSC.


EVRSC will not provide an on-premises security guard during hours when the Exhibit Hall is closed. The EVRSC shall be held harmless for any loss, theft or damage of items. No security guards will be present during the day when the Exhibit Hall is open. Companies are responsible for their own exhibition space at all hours. Neither the EVRSC nor the Edifício da Alfândega provide insurance for displays and equipment. Private insurance of displays and contents by exhibitors is encouraged.


The EVRSC reserves the right to rearrange the floor plan at any time. The EVRSC also reserves the right to relocate any exhibitors should it become necessary for causes beyond the control of the EVRSC or advisable in the best judgement of the EVRSC. The signing of the contract constitutes full agreement with these assignment policies and procedures.


The Edifício da Alfândega takes no responsibility for loading, unloading and deposit of materials. You will be able to store all your materials at the Edifício da Alfândega.


Installation of displays must take place from 08:00 am – 08:00 pm on Thursday, September 04, 2014.
All exhibits must remain in place until 01:00 pm on Sunday, September 07, 2014.
All exhibits must be completely dismantled and removed no later than 08:00 pm on Sunday, September 07, 2014.
Any materials and displays not dismantled by 08:00 pm will be removed and discarded at the company’s expense.


All attending company representatives must register and display a name badge at all times during the meeting. Transfer of a name badge from one company representative to another is not allowed without prior authorization from EVRSC. The EVRSC shall have control over all admission policies. Badges will be used for entry into the Exhibit Hall and Scientific Sessions. There will be no refund on the exhibit fee to companies sending fewer than the number of allowed representatives. Company representative registration includes: Scientific Sessions, Meeting Program Book, Refreshment Breaks & Daily Lunches.


Exhibition area

Exhibition area


  • 6 Sqm Booth (2 invited corporate representatives) — 6,000 EUR
  • 9 Sqm Booth (4 invited corporate representatives) — 8,500 EUR
  • 12 Sqm Booth (6 invited corporate representatives) — 11,000 EUR

If you want to have additional collaborators to attend the congress, please let us know.


  • You have the possibility to be classified as a:
    1. PLATINUM Sponsor: 30,000 EUR
    2. GOLD Sponsor: 20,000 EUR
    3. SILVER Sponsor: 10,000 EUR
  • Congress Bags (Each registered attendee will receive his conference material in a bag that he can carry during the entire meeting and beyond. The sponsor’s name and logo will appear on those bags.Inside each bag will be a pen and notepaper also featuring the company logo.)
  • Badge Holders (Each registered attendee will receive a badge. The sponsor’s name and logo will appear on the badge holder.)
  • Advertisement inside the congress bags — 1,200 EUR per brochure
  • Program Book Advertising (An extensive meeting program book will be produced and distributed to every delegate and is a valuable tool for them to take home after the congress, for reference or to share with colleagues. Advertising within this book will be sold on a first-come first-served basis.)
  1. Full Page: 1,500 EUR
  2. Two-Page spread: 2,750 EUR
  3. Inside front cover: 2,000 EUR — not available anymore.
  4. Inside back cover: 1,900 EUR
  5. Outside back cover: 2,500 EUR — not available anymore.
  • Symposia — 20,000 EUR
  1. Friday, September 05, 2014, from 04:30 pm until 05:30 pm — not available anymore.
  2. Friday, September 05, 2014, from 05:30 pm until 06:30 pm
  • Welcome Reception — 15,000 EUR (The Welcome Reception will be a premiere event on Thursday, September 04, 2014. EVRS will work with the sponsor to create a valuable welcome event for delegates. The industry sponsorship will be highlighted by including company advertisement on the tables or other kind of advertisement upon request.)
  • Gala Dinner — 30,000 EUR (The Gala Dinner will be a premiere event on Saturday, September 06, 2014. EVRS will work with the sponsor to create a valuable welcome event for delegates. The industry sponsorship will be highlighted by including company advertisement on the tables or other kind of advertisement upon request.)
  • Scientific Session Sponsorship — 40,000 EUR (The name of the sponsor will be written on the main screen.)
  • Film Festival Awards Ceremony — 15,000 EUR
  • Extra Sponsorships
  1. Coffee Breaks — 4,000 EUR (Provide delegates with coffee during the morning and afternoon breaks and your company name and logo will appear on signage at the coffee stations.)
  2. Lunches — 8,000 EUR (Provide delegates with lunch and your company name and logo will appear on signage at the lunch stations.)
  3. Internet Area — 5,800 EUR (The internet area is ranked as one of the most valuable areas of any meeting. Delegates can access their emails and the internet whilst visiting the exhibition. The sponsoring company’s name and logo will be displayed on all screens as well as signage. The internet area will be located in the exhibition hall. It can be put in an industry entire reserved room.)

Any kind of event (30-minute symposia in a dedicated room, live demonstration in the main amphitheatre, wet lab etc.) can be organized upon request. Please contact Anja.