SCIENTIFIC POSTER 2016_Measurement of Retinal Layer Thickness Using Spectral Domain OCT After Macula off RD Surgery Younghoon Lee


To investigate visual prognosis and the thicknesses of various retinal layers using spectral domain-optical coherence tomography (SD-OCT) following successful macula-off retinal detachment surgery.


A retrospective study of 25 eyes of 25 patients who successfully reattached macula-off retinal detachment with a minimum of 4-month follow-up was performed. Spectralis SD-OCT (Heidelberg engineering, Heidelberg, Germany) was used to obtain macular image. The macular thickness (in micrometers) and volume (in cubic micrometers) of retinal layers were obtained automatically in a circular area centered on the fovea with central circle (1mm diameter) and segmentation of retinal layer was performed automatically by the new segmentation application (Segmentation Technology; Heidelberg Engineering, Inc.). The thicknesses of each retinal layers were compared with those of fellow eyes. Multivariate regression analysis was performed to correlate the thicknesses of retinal layers with postoperative LogMAR visual acuity.


No significant difference was found in axial length between operated eyes and fellow eyes. After successful reattachment, the thickness of the outer plexiform layer (OPL) was 28.96±7.00, that of outer nuclear layer (ONL) was 80.20±20.51 Î, that of photoreceptor layer was 85.12±6.65, and that of retinal pigment epithelium was 18.04±11.17. In fellow eyes, the thickness of each retinal layers were 28.68±7.15, 88.00±14.22, 87.92±4.04, 15.44±1.71. The thickness of outer nuclear layer (ONL) (p=0.02) and photoreceptor layer (p=0.04) were significantly thinner than fellow eyes. But no significant thickness difference was found in outer plexiform layer (OPL) (P=0.88) and retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) (P=0.24). Multivariate regression analysis showed a significant negative correlation between outer nuclear layer (ONL) thickness and postoperative LogMAR visual acuity (β=-0.48; P=0.01). No significant correlation could be found for posto perative LogMAR and other retinal layers thickness.


Measurement of retinal layer thickness using SD-OCT after successful macula-off retinal detachment surgery revealed changes of outer retina. Thickness of outer nuclear layer (ONL) was negatively correlated with postoperative LogMAR visual acuity. Retinal layer thickness measurements using SD-OCT may be useful to predict postoperative visual acuity.

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