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Idiopathic ERM

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551 idiopathic macular edemas of more than 300 microns and associated with ERM were submitted by 53 retina specialists. 344 were treated by vitrectomy and ILM peeling but other treatments has been also chosen. For all of these treatments the initial VA were comparable and the standard deviations, which highlight the dispersion of the data, are very similar, showing that the populations are comparable.

62.5% were treated by vitrectomy and ILM peeling, ten times more than by anti-VEGF alone or Triamcinolone alone.

When considering all these treatments, the improvement obtained for edema secondary to idiopathic ERM is better than in ME in general.

When focusing now on each individual major pure treatment, ie without any associated treatment, we can note that since Triamcinolone and anti-VEGF are not continued beyond 15 months; ILM peeling seems to be the most effective treatment in the long term.

Among all the other treatments, there is one which justifies further study due to its large number of cases: the association of ILM removal and triamcinolone injection.

The addition of triamcinolone appears to decrease the efficacy of pure ILM removal.

The number of cases improving more or equal to 3 lines is much higher after ILM peeling than after anti-VEGF. This is statistically significant. However, this classical way of presenting is not very meaningful since the improvement is dependent on the pretreatment VA.

Much more accurate could be this way of presenting the data where the improvements can be compared while taking into consideration the initial VA.Looking at it like this we can declare that the winner is PPV + ILM with a medium improvement of 4 LogMAR lines.

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