Ihab Saad Othman (Giza, Egypt)


Brachytherapy is a safe and an effective method in inducing vascular occlusion and flattening of the retina in localized choriodal hemangiomas.


Prospective evaluation of 12 cases of localized choroidal hemangiomas associated with exudative retinal detachment managed by brachytherapy application in a dose of 20 Gys. Method follow up was 5 years.

Effectiveness / Safety:

Brachytherapy resulted in flattening of the retina and collapse of the vascular spaces of the choroidal hemangioma. Long term follow up resulted in occlusion of the vascular channels of the hemangioma.

Take home message:

Brachytherapy include a low dose radiation therapy to the eye in cases of choroidal hemangioma resulting in successful tumor control with minimum ocular morbidity.